About us

ARQ’s mission statement

To empower individuals by creating the most impactful, personalised and independent wealth experience to meet changing client expectations.

What is ARQ?

ARQ is an Investment Performance Analytics Tool that can monitor your investments and benchmark your performance in a single app. It’s independent, transparent, simple and intelligent.

With ARQ, know where you stand, see where you can be.

Monitor your investments and benchmark your performance in a single app.

“We are passionate to help ARQ clients grow their wealth through better performance, setting an enhanced transparency standard in the ecosystem between advisors and their customers.We inspire to make our clients feel reassured knowing they can make informed decisions.”

Manish Vekaria, CEO

Our story

In 2018, ARQ rose from the simple premise of independence, transparency and bringing our clients a new experience through a digital platform combined with the human touch.

Our goal was straightforward, how could we keep clients better aware of their wealth, facilitate better choices and provide practical insights for them to achieve better performance, all whilst remaining completely independent?

This was against a background of hearing consistent stories of malpractice in the Wealth Management Industry. The industry was being painted with the same brush and the distinguished, higher achieving firm’s reputations were being tarnished by those firms that were not looking after their clients in an ethical manner. What if we could create a service that rewarded both the most successful wealth management firms and their clients?

Why we are unique

The first of its kind – an exclusive membership subscription model with fixed fees that lets clients know where they stand and see where they can be.

ARQ resides as a bond between clients and their wealth advisors, leveraging technology to better their interactions. The landscape in wealth management is rapidly changing with clients demanding a digital solution whilst wealth advisors need to present omni channel offerings essential for seamless customer engagement.

We strive to unlock more wealth for you and your family. We are motivated by the desire to make the world a better place and by providing better performance, our clients direct some of this incremental wealth towards social good causes.

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