ARQ’s mission statement

To increase the wealth of millions of individuals by creating the most transparent, independent and personalised wealth management experience.

Our story

Founded in 2018 by a team with more than 100 years’ experience in the financial services industry, the business was born out of a desire to bring transparency and independence to the wealth management industry, driving greater social impact as a result.

“We are passionate about helping ARQ’s clients grow their wealth better. Client experience is now in the spotlight as clients’ expectations evolve, so we take great pride in knowing that our clients feel reassured knowing they can make better informed decisions”

Manish Vekaria, CEO and Founder of ARQ

An exceptional leadership team with unparalleled experience.

ARQ is always on the lookout for amazing talent across both the UK and Canada. We encourage a remote working environment using slack as our embedded communication channel.

Manish Vekaria
CEO & Founder
Gary Skovron
Patrick Hall
Iain O’Rourke
Head of Sales
Elena Tanase
Lead UI/UX Designer
Teodora Patriche
Marketing and Investor Relations Associate

With ARQ, know where you stand, see where you can be.

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