Getting benefit

Optimise Investment Costs & Performance

ARQ provides an innovative service that enables you to make more informed decisions. Our intelligent tools rank your investment costs and performance generating simple, actionable insights.

We are your personalised solution, acting as your watchdog, spelling out where you stand and where you can be.

Monitor your investments and optimise your costs in a comprehensive report.

Keeping your fund costs low

ARQ’s cost analytics helps you answer two simple questions:

  • What are the annual fees I will pay to hold all my funds
  • Are there more cost-effective fund options that still meet my investment objectives

The impact of fund fees – A case study on how ARQ can benefit you

This case study demonstrates the impact of just a small reduction in hidden costs on long-term investment growth.It’s one of the few things you can control!

”Modelling a £100,000 investment growing at an average of 4.5% a year, Vanguard Asset Management estimated:

The sum will grow to £210,000 over 30 years if the investor’s costs were 2%. If the costs were capped at 0.5%, the final sum is £324,000.”

FT ‘Why you don’t always get what you pay for with wealth managers’ Dec 2019

Investment Amount


Annual Fee Comparison


Expected Return



Investment Time (Years)

Higher Fee Lower Fee
Investment Amount
Value After Fees

ARQ’s service for you

Download the ARQ app for free to access your overall and account level cost and performance scores – What we call “know where you stand” functionality.

Monitor your investments and optimise your costs in a single app.

Our premium paid service gives access to “see where you can be” functionality, where you can access intelligent insights on how to better your performance and reduce your costs, in addition to live calls with our expert team.

Ensure you have an independent opinion to optimise your investment costs and performance.

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