Frequently asked questions

About ARQ

ARQ is a revolutionary new digital platform that empowers individuals to make better investment decisions and increase their net wealth.

Our intelligent tools are the first of a kind, ranking your investment performance according to success and generating simple, actionable insights from vast quantities of data.

The traditional model of wealth management is changing with personalised client experience now in the spotlight. That’s why we provide our service through a blend of digital and human touch points. Our passion is to breathe new life into growing your wealth by achieving better results.

We have built our service through an App.

Our app is downloaded for free – What we call “know where you stand” functionality.

Our premium paid service gives access to “see where you can be ” functionality , where customers can access intelligent insights on how to better their performance, in addition to live calls with our expert team.

For further details on our premium service contact

ARQ and You

Open Banking is a UK financial services term that enables customers to share their current bank and savings account information securely with other third-party providers. Usernames and Passwords are not shared with ARQ or third-party partners – users are directed to their regular online access where they log-in in the normal way.

By connecting your accounts, you will be able to see all your data in an aggregated view and get daily updates. More importantly, our functionality then uses this data to provide you with our unparalleled analysis and insights as to how your investments are performing.

You can add your current bank accounts, credit card accounts and your investment accounts. You can also include properties and collections. Only UK domiciled accounts and investments are covered currently.

Connecting your accounts, via our partner, Moneyhub, can take a few minutes for each account whilst the pairing is completing.

Our technology enhances the data that it can receive from normal channels, tackling the problem that many product providers do not make their data available. Sometimes it is still not possible to retrieve the data we need to give our insights. In these cases, to make your life as easy as possible, you can submit details (from within the App) and we will load your data for you.

ARQ Accounts

Simply download the ARQ app and follow the ‘Register here’ link from the login screen.

From the app login screen click on the link “Forgot password?”

ARQ passwords, for security purposes, require at least 8 characters and the minimum requirements are: 1 Uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character.

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ARQ and Your Data

Your data is yours and will never be sold to third parties. ARQ only has access to the data that you want us to and that is relevant for benefiting you in developing an understanding of your wealth. If there is certain data you would prefer ARQ not to have access to, you can exclude it. And if you decide that there is certain data you no longer want ARQ to have access to, you can remove it.

All personal data is processed and stored securely, for no longer than is necessary.

ARQ knows that without security your wealth does not mean much, therefore, we treat security as our highest priority and one of our core values. We use military grade encryption both in transit and in storage to keep your data private and secure.

Your relationship with ARQ is built on two-way trust. We are human as well as digital so we are here to discuss any concerns you may have.

We control access to it through a variety of industry best practices, including the most up-to-date technology. Within the ARQ team, employees can only see the data that is specifically relevant for the function they are performing. This is ensured through segregation of sensitive data, encryted storage and robust access controls.

You have the right to withdraw your consent to us using your personal data at any time and to request that we delete it. Additionally, you have the ability to delete it at any time. While we only hold your personal data for a limited time, if you would like us to delete it sooner, or want support in removing specific data, please reach out to us at

ARQ does not process transactions and is unable to move money out of your accounts.

ARQ and Our Corporate Partners

Worried about being left behind offering a digital solution to your clients? Technology will empower the enabled customer who will demand more collaborative wealth management relationships. And that could mean additional Assets Under Management for you.

Yes! Brand ARQ direct to your customers and give them a unique, differentiated offering to inspire customer loyalty and trust of transparency.

Yes, contact us at to list your product on our App.

ARQ and Our Charity Partners

ARQ’s mission is based on creating wealth ARQ is driven to create more wealth in order to help drive greater social impact.

We want to show that wealth is more than a number.

We would be delighted to discuss this opportunity – contact us at