In light of the recent market volatility, we wanted to know how your investments are doing.

Could they be doing better? Are you back on your pre-coronavirus targets? Or are you full in cash sitting on the side-lines unsure when to re-enter?  

Or more specifically, do you know? When was the last time you reviewed your own investments? So many things can stop us from keeping a more careful eye on our investments. But this is crucial. Investments should be something we track at least once a week or more.

And yes. Time is always an issue. We know how busy you must be. That’s why we aim to make tracking your investments as easy as possible.

With ARQ you can review every single investment fund you own within a matter of seconds.

FEATURE 1: All your investment data, at your fingertips.


Simply put, ARQ runs a health check-up on all your investment funds telling you how good or bad your investment annual fees are in comparison to everyone else with similar funds. We give your fund fees a total score which you can use to assess whether there are better fund choices for you based on the fees you are being charged annually. 

ARQ | Investment Cost Scoring


ARQ additionally performs a performance check-up to see how well your funds have performed financially over the last year. Again, we give your fund performance a total score which shows you how well you’ve done compared to everyone else and whether there might be better fund choices for you. Ones that fit into the same investment strategy you have chosen. 

FEATURE 2: Outperform Your Peers

Competitive instinct is human nature. However, when it comes to the investing world, it’s extremely hard to know if your funds are performing their best or even outperforming your peers. Especially without a clear, transparent ranking. 

That’s why we score your funds out of 100 to give you a clear and straightforward metric that will assess how you are really doing. Are you in green, amber or red status and can you do anything about it? 

We also know that many investors fear that their financial advisors may not be showing them the whole picture when it comes to their investment options. 

Our Fund Performance Reports solves this completely. The fund performance reports tell you whether your funds are performing the best in their category and if they aren’t, which funds are.  

The Top Ten: Fund Performance Report

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ARQ compares your funds against the Top 10 Funds ranked by performance in the same categories (as defined by Morningstar Inc) - providing you with all the tools you need to outperform your peers. 

So why don’t you have a look where your funds sit in their Top Ten? It’s time to find out how your investments are really doing.

Why you matter

The very purpose of ARQ is to provide full transparency to you, putting you back in control of your own finances and showing you where you really stand. 

Perhaps you’re stuck with one rotten investment, and you don't even know it.

If you are looking to achieve real results with your investment portfolio, being complacent will not work – even more so in times of financial crisis. Too many investors put off taking control of their investments because they think it's too hard.

We want to completely change this mentality. Change your life today, with ARQ it won't take more than five minutes.

What do you have to lose? 

Start today.